Introducing The SteriLumen UT-225

It’s time to clear the air

Make your workplace a safer workplace with the guarantee of fresh, clean air.

Ideal for offices of any size, factories, meeting rooms, gyms, pubs and restaurants, the discreet, safe and easy to use SteriLumen UT-225 UVC air sterilising unit removes over 99% of microbes in a room.

Harnessing advanced UVC technology to neutralise bacterial and viral charge of air, SteriLumen UT-225 uses UVC radiation, safely isolated inside the device, to wipe out microbes, bacteria and viruses, providing fast and effective sterilisation of any space.

The SteriLumen UT-225 – clean air, safer spaces.

SteriLumen Unit

Working in the new normal

As the world emerges from lockdown, new measures are required to create safe environments for people to live, work, worship and enjoy themselves.

The SteriLumen is the perfect unit for the economic fightback against COVID-19.

Utilising state of the art UVC technology, the unit removes germs, bacteria and viruses from the air safely harnessing UVC radiation to destroy or neutralize them.

If you want to ensure the safety of your workforce, patrons or flock, then the SteriLumen could be one of the answers to ending the challenges of lockdown, helping people enjoy safe and healthy spaces.

What germs and microorganisms does it neutralise?

SteriLumen UT-225 is effective in targeting most viruses and microorganisms that cause infections and allergies, including:
  • Airborne viruses
  • Algae
  • Yeast
  • Fungus

SteriLumen FAQs

Why have I never heard of air sterilising units?
Air sterilising units are commonplace in areas such as the Middle East, Asia and the Americas – mainly in regions where A/C recirculates air and sterilising units are then utilised to ensure that recycled air is clean.

They are not as prevalent in the UK due to the climate, although their popularity has increased in recent years.

Will this protect us against COVID19?
Due to the ongoing pandemic and global response to combating the virus, laboratory tests have yet to be sanctioned for this specific strain of the virus.

However, published studies show that UVC completely inactivates the corona viruses (SARS-CoV-1and MERS-CoV) and also effective on Sars-CoV-2 (the virus which causes COVID-19) *.

Can SteriLumen UT-225 remove every harmful virus/bacteria from the atmosphere?
SteriLumen UT-225 UVC air sterilising unit removes over 99% of microbes in a room within an hour.

For over 40 years, UVGI has been used to disinfect drinking water, air, wastewater, pharmaceutical products and surfaces against human pathogens.

Viruses and bacteria are highly responsive to UV disinfection at appropriate doses.

There are no known micro-organisms resistant to UVC radiation.

Why can’t we use open type UVC devices?
For safety reasons, these devices should not be used while people are present. UVC bulbs only sterilise air that passes next to them and are not effective at distance.
What about ceiling-mounted UVC luminaires with indirect lighting?
These units need to be placed on high ceilings only and away from reflective surfaces to avoid being harmful to people. They only sterilise air in close vicinity. Sterilisation is far less effective.
Why not choose another closed type UVC device like SteriLumen UT-225?
With many devices currently available on the market many are not powerful enough to neutralise the virus. In addition to this many of our competitors products designs result in the recirculated air not remaining in the machine long enough or near enough to the UVC source to be sterilised, rendering them inefficient.
Aren’t there UVC devices for HVAC?
The UVC dose that hits incoming air is not enough to sterilise it. The installation of such devices inside A/C ducts, causes pressure drop, reducing efficiency of the unit.
What about “Air Ionisers”?
The majority are not efficient on bacteria and viruses.
What about devices using HEPA filters to pull the virus out of the air?
The UVC light at the end of these machines are generally designed to clean the filters themselves – basically to neutralize trapped microbes. However, the virus only briefly pases close to the UV so sometimes may not be neutralized.
What if I want a product that combines HEPA filters and UVC?
UVC can dissolve almost anything, including the HEPA filter.

However, the UT225 can be installed with a HEPA filter in a way that is protected from the UVC – since the virus is killed by the UVC, there is no requirement for the HEPA, but we appreciate some customers may require it.

What about some of the cheaper units on the market?
UVC light has been used as a germicide for many years. The majority of similar products you see in the market have some filters for air purification and the UVC light to clean those filters. In many cases, this does not kill the virus.

Some use UVC, but don’t keep the virus inside the machine long enough to neutralise it. SteriLumen kills the virus in one cycle and does not re-circulate it.

There are a variety of units for a range of prices on the market, all of which utilise a combination of other technologies. For some, the distance between the air and the UVC is too short to kill the virus. Some create ozone, which is not healthy for people and requires periodic opening the windows to refresh the air. SteriLumen lamps have a filter layer that stops the UV from reacting with the O2 to create ozone.

How does the SteriLumen UT-225 outperform competitors?
We calculated the time that the virus has to stay in close proximity (the radiation has a logarithmic depreciation with distance so the virus has to stay close to the UV lamp) to the UV in order to receive the minimum dose. (For example, Ebola virus requires 6mJ/cm2 to be neutralized – in speed 1 (the slow speed of the UT225), Ebola will receive 110mJ/cm2.)

The design of the device has been created to keep the virus inside the chambers for enough time to make sure that is neutralised.

Some machines offer something similar, but none we tested had similar calculations and lab tests.

Also, smaller machines do not cover a large area and the large machines ones are very expensive.

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