The unit

UVC technology

Air sterilisation

Safe & easy to use

Easy maintenance

Unobstructed air flow

Laboratory tested

How does it work?

SteriLumen UT-225’s powerful fan pulls in air, channelling it into a series of chambers that contain the radiation UVC light source.

The air remains in the chambers long enough for viruses and micro-organisms to be neutralised – cleaning the air and making is safer.

The fresh air is redistributed into the room free of infectious organisms.

How is it so effective?

The effectiveness of the SteriLumen UT-225 comes from the combination of radiation UVC light, the size of the air chambers and the time microorganism stay in the chambers.

Small chambers mean that microorganisms pass adjacent to UVC light and receive the necessary amount of radiation. The design of the device means infected air is exposed to UVC radiation long enough to neutralise microorganisms and viruses.

Laboratory testing

UVC has been used in technology as a germicide since the 1930s, but we wanted to test whether the SteriLumen UT-225 could neutralise viruses in the air in a live office.

The presence of people in the room causes the air to maintain a microbial load at all times, making it more difficult to clean.

Laboratory results demonstrate that the UT-225 kills 93.2% of all microbes within the first hour (tested space: 100sqm), meeting CDC recommendations for UVGI, which it considers effective in reducing transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections.

SteriLumen UT-225 is perfect for


Hospitals & Clinics

Private & Public Offices

Shopping Malls & Retail Shops

Gymnasiums & Indoor Sports Facilities

Schools & Universities

Airports & Airplanes

Places of Worship

Sterilisation time

Room Dimensions

Sterilisation Time (1st Speed)

Sterilisation Time (2nd Speed)

Sterilisation Time (3rd Speed)

Sterilisation Time (4th Speed)

Sterilisation Time (5th Speed)

10m x 10m x 3m


3h 42m


1h 12m


8m x 8m x 3m


2h 24m

1h 12m



5m x 5m x 2.6m

1h 24m





Why the SteriLumen UT-225 beats other solutions

SteriLumen UT-225 is 100% safe to be used while people are present, as UV radiation is hermetically sealed inside the machine.

Other devices use open UVC light that can be harmful to people and should only be used while wearing protective equipment for the skin and the eyes.

Unlike other devices in the market, the lamps used in SteriLumen UT-225 have a filter preventing production of ozone. SteriLumen UT-225 has been designed so radiation completely neutralises the microbial load in the air it sterlises.